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About MoJi-fast

MoJi-fast Technology Ltd. is federally incorporated in November 2018, aiming green energy development and sustainability in Canada. Funder, Ji Mo, after graduated from China Tianjin Technology University with degree of Engineer bachelor, based on work experience at SIEMENS, CORNING, YOFC for more than 25 years in industry P&D, sales, and operation, he knows the importance of providing good quality in both products and services. He is a self-spirited innovator with high professional moral, brave to new challenges, always.

Since immigrated to Canada in March 2018, Ji Mo is proud of living with his family in PEI where people notice that environment is very important and love earth as their hometown. By awareness of green energy is future strategy, Ji Mo incorporated MoJi-fast Technology Ltd. and built its management team, dedicating valuable green energy solutions and services to clients in Atlantic Canada. Ji Mo will be very happy to offer services to clients in a saving way by using his work experience that is effective and efficient, and would like to give back to community due to his appreciation.

Company Vision Statement

We are lighting the way to a brighter, more sustainable future. We believe in giving back control to home and business owners by helping them save real money and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Our Values

Help on customers
We believe that anyone who wants solar should be able to make the transition. That's why we make the process simple, providing front to back solutions that give back control and reduce energy costs. 
Benefiting the environment
Climate change is real and the sooner we transition to a renewable-based energy economy, the lesser the environmental impact. We fully integrate technology to help our customers achieve their energy reducing lifestyle.

Domestic photovoltaic power station

The household photovoltaic power station mainly refers to the solar power generation system which utilizes the family’s roofs and installs on them. Its strengths are the small installation point, small installation capacity, simple grid connection process, and significant revenue. The Moji-fast domestic photovoltaic power station is focusing on small and medium-sized distributed photovoltaic power generation. We provide one-stop service from product sales, installation, to after-sales service. We devote to construct a comprehensive and sustainable network. We endeavor to establish a leading brand of domestic photovoltaic power plants.

Commercial photovoltaic power station

 Commercial photovoltaic power station utilizes the idle roofs, façades, and free space of industrial and commercial buildings. They associate with distributed solar power generation systems to establish small and clean power distribution stations. Characteristics: The companies’ self-generation system generate their electricity and save money. The solar panels also benefit the layer of heat insulation, enrich energy conservation, and increase environmental protection. Moji-fast teams up with photovoltaic engineering channel providers to build an eco-service platform for industrial and commercial entities and is committed to establishing a leading high-level professional brand of industrial and commercial intelligent photovoltaic systems. 

Large ground power station

Large ground power station could get more solar energy and ensure efficient and reliable operation of the power station. As the continuous rising electricity price and the concerns of pollution emissions, clean and regenerated solar energy is becoming one of the best choices for energy supply. The solar power station can store energy so that it could save money from the on-peak electronic payment. In the future, Moji fast's smart energy solutions will provide better system control for plant managers.